LRQA China Signs Second Party Audit Agreement with Feihe Dairy

On 9th Feb 2017, LRQA China signed an agreement with Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd (Feihe Dairy), to help Feihe Dairy improve its management of the suppliers overseas by second party audit. 

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Above pictured: Mr. Li Yuan (first from left), Supplier Quality Assurance Manager of Feihe Dairy, Ms. Wang Yan (second from left), Sourcing Manager of Feihe Dairy, Simon Ren (second from right), Business Development Manager of LRQA China and Ray Jin (first from right), Sales Manager of Northern Area of LRQA China at the agreement signature ceremony

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Group Picture

Established in 1962, Feihe Dairy, one of the earliest milk powder production enterprises in China, has been committed to producing formula milk powder which is more suitable for Chinese baby. LRQA, the world's leading certification body, provides customized audit solution to ensure the organization's supply chain operation is at a consistent high level. The cooperation with LRQA in terms of overseas supplier second party auditing is an effective way to strengthen Feihe Dairy's management of its overseas raw material suppliers and in response to the call of formula registration system of the China Food and Drug Administration, which will further enhance Feihe Dairy's risk management level, so as to ensure the production safety and product quality.    

The audit project will formally commence in early April, with 10 overseas suppliers to be selected as the pilot, with the aim to evaluate the overseas supplier management and improve the overseas supplier audit rules. It's planned to complete the second party auditing of all the Feihe Dairy's raw material suppliers in three years, ultimately improving the management of its entire supply chain. 

The cooperation opens a new chapter between Feihe Dairy and LRQA, and we are looking to having full cooperation with Feihe Dairy in terms of overseas supplier management, pasture management and its own factory certification, together making greater contribution to the dairy industry development in China.

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